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Speaking of the most emotional celebration on the football field, sliding kneeling can be said to be the classic of the classics. Kneel on your knees and slide for several meters-the sense of fluency not only brings visual comfort, but also finds a gap in the release of passion.


The appearance of sliding kneeling makes the players celebrate more passionate, as if they will slide into the crowd of fans in the next second, and the accompanying roar has long been integrated with the shouts of the fans.


It is really too difficult to know who invented the celebratory gesture of sliding kneeling. It is impossible to know which player made it for the first time, but in my football memory, there was no other player than Solskjaer who was miraculous in the 1999 Camp Nou. That is also the most handsome Solskjaer in memory.


The occasion of the Champions League final made the nerves of the fans continue to tense. From 0-1 behind to 2-1, the reversal in a short period of time ignited the emotions of the fans. The last-minute lore added another piece of fire to the lust. So Xia's sliding kneeling made the atmosphere of the whole stadium reach its peak.


Compared to sliding kneeling, I knew more about the baby-faced killer in that lore, and the one who really made me feel the charm of sliding kneeling was the "King of the Gun King".


How many people worship the statue outside the Emirates Stadium, how classic Henry's actions are.


After a long-distance attack broke the goal of his arch rival Tottenham, Henry did not stop his pace, ran back to his own half, and knelt in front of the diehard fans. In a classic posture that could not be more classic, he engraved his name on the gunner In its history, it also stayed in the hearts of all gun fans.


But there are people who are born different from others, do you think you are handsome? Royce, Rooney, Beckham and others expressed dissatisfaction.


Even Drogba, the old dough stick in the slippery world, has a time when his horse stumbles.


But the flaws are not hidden. The slippery kneeling of "African Andy Lau" is still the leader of its kind, especially the famous "Three Bars", which makes everyone amazed: 666, is this okay?

但是缺陷并没有被隐藏。 “非洲刘德华”的跪下跪下来仍是同类拳头,尤其是著名的“三杠”,这让每个人都惊讶:666,这还好吗?

But in fact, the "three bars" picture envied by all male compatriots is not true. For example, this picture of him in Galatasaray was confirmed to be a PS.


From the GIF below, we can see that Drogba slid on his knees while celebrating with the fans. There are only two traces of two feet sliding on the lawn. There is no so-called "real man performance."


Has Drogba ever slipped out of three bars? Actually there are! For example this time.


It can be seen from this picture of Drogba that the so-called "three bars" are actually caused by the friction between Drogba's toes and the ground. In other words, the number of marks after sliding does not actually depend on the number of legs (of course, if there are really three legs, you can still slide out of three bars).


When the entire leg and foot remain in a straight line, and the sliding direction does not change, there will be two of our most common bars.


But when the sliding trajectory of the foot and the leg are not in the same "track", and the toe direction is shifted inward or outward, the third bar appears.


What about one more foot? If the direction of both feet is offset, you can unlock a higher level of achievement-four bars, just like Emre-Can.


If you want to know how to slide and kneel to be more handsome, how to slide out of the "three bars", you must first understand how to slide up.


In fact, I think this action should be called "kneeling" rather than sliding and kneeling. "Slip" is the main soul of this action. "Kneel" is just a state word that modifies "slip".

实际上,我认为该动作应被称为“跪着”,而不是滑动和跪下。 “滑倒”是此动作的主要灵魂。 “ Kneel”只是修饰“ slip”的状态词。

If you want to slip, you must have a run-up. It can bring an initial speed to the kneeling. When the friction is constant, the faster the initial speed, the slower it weakens over time, which means The longer the time and distance of sliding kneeling, the better the appreciation it brings.


The second is to pay attention to the posture of the body. When sliding kneeling, try to lean back as much as possible, keep your feet straight, and hand the whole body to the ground contact to the calf. The smaller the angle between the body and the legs (ground), it can help you slide more smoothly and farther. This requires the players themselves to have an excellent sense of balance and be able to keep their center of gravity from tilting.


It is also very important to never touch the ground with your knees when you go down. The direction of the force is forward, not downward. Otherwise, he will become popular in another way but faster like Old Man Luo.


It's easy to say, so what is the difficulty of this action? For this reason, I searched on the website and found the following answer.


The previous content looks confused and specious, but the last sentence is right. If you haven't practiced, don't imitate it at will. Because even those who have practiced are easy to get hurt...


If you ask how Rashford will celebrate after scoring, he will definitely not choose to kneel.


In the English League Cup last year, La Shifu scored a stunning free kick and eliminated Chelsea. After scoring, he couldn't restrain his restless heart, a chic slippery knee... In addition to the hugs of his teammates and the whistling of the fans, there was also the embarrassment that he was replaced 7 minutes later.


After the game, the "Sun" pointed out that it was precisely because he slipped and kneeled to celebrate after scoring a goal that caused him to be injured. Interestingly, Solskjaer in the miracle of the Nou Camp mentioned above was also injured because of that time. Knee, also missed a few national team games.

比赛结束后,“太阳”队指出,正是因为他打进一个进球后打滑跪跪庆祝。有趣的是,在上述诺坎普(Nou Camp)奇迹中的索尔斯克亚(Solskjaer)也因为那个时候而受伤。膝盖,也错过了一些国家队比赛。

Coincidentally, former Chelsea star Hazard announced in September 2018 that he would "retire" his kneeling celebration posture for a simple reason. In his words, it means "my knee is so hot and sore", in Northeastern dialect, it means "Bolengai, it's stuck."


If the professional players are like this, we amateur players shouldn't do this, otherwise you will only exchange for a half-day hospital tour with a not so handsome posture like the old man below.


In fact, what restricts amateur players from sliding and kneeling is not only their physical condition and personal strength, but also limited field conditions.


The first one is the turf. We all know that even if Chinese football has been hacked into scum on some short video platforms, its professional leagues are basically natural grass. Not to mention the European stadiums, the suitable climate and professional turf maintenance ensure the smooth progress of the game, and there will be dedicated club personnel to maintain the game before, during and after the game.


Such external conditions make it possible to slip and kneel, but amateur players do not have such a good environment. Due to the high construction and maintenance prices of natural grasses, we often come into contact with more approachable artificial grasses. Artificial grass made of synthetic fiber and filled with rubber particles is the first choice for school playgrounds and private football fields.


Everyone who has played football knows that on such a court, let alone slipping and kneeling, it is a common fall, knees knocking on the grass, the knees will turn red and purple from the light to the injury and bleeding. Not to mention those venues that have been used for many years, they are basically no different from flat ground.


Artificial grass is already a better choice. When we were young, we were in contact with football on concrete or sand. Think about it if there was a Secondary Two boy who imitated his idol and came to kneel down, the picture is too beautiful to imagine.


Although you are not encouraged to try such celebrations that may cause injuries on the amateur court, I personally want to try to kneel down, after all, can I pretend to be X like Ibrahimovic, which man doesn't like?


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